Cleaning Up Your IT: There Is No Silver Bullet

Michael Müller | 30. November 2012

We know that a large part of today’s IT world is still based on so-called “legacy technology” and that the business side of large companies is often not happy about what they get from their internal IT. They see IT as an inflexible black box that costs too much. Moreover, in their opinion IT is […] » read more

The Neglected Product Owner

Manuel Hilty | 9. Oktober 2012

Scrum or agile development in general has been around for quite some time now, but it is still a hot topic in many organizations. Implementing Scrum or any other form of agile development successfully contains some challenges. This is especially true for large organization with many established processes, organizational structures and stakeholders. Three of the […] » read more

From Prague to Zurich: My Internship at Acrea

Petr Koukal | 9. September 2012

Switzerland is a country that you either admire and love or admire but hate. Its prettiness cannot be questioned; however, its inhabitants are hard for many foreigners to understand. Before I give you my opinion on Swiss work-life balance from my experience at Acrea, I would like to say a few words about myself, because […] » read more

Scaling Scrum – the Team Factor

Stefan Wengi | 31. August 2012

Imagine that you have successfully performed your first Scrum projects with a single team of 5-7 members. The team has gone through the initial learning phase where it figured out what works and what doesn’t and now it feels very comfortable to approach new projects in this setup. However, a new challenge is on the […] » read more

How a cloud saves trees

Michael Müller | 30. Juli 2012

Despite the Internet and its vast amount of websites, sometimes I prefer books over unstructured, unedited and often unverified content. Good books typically undergo several iterations of quality controls and in most cases, they tell a story to guide the reader.In our small company, we read books about various topics like programming, IT architecture, business […] » read more

Programming Experience is not optional

Stefan Wengi | 29. Juni 2012

When we were talking about our ideas for starting Acrea, we were focusing a lot on the collective experience of the founding team. While we are all coming from different backgrounds, have completed different degrees, and pursued a variety of career paths, there is at least one common ground: we all have professional hands-on experience […] » read more

Dear large corporation,

Michael Müller | 31. Mai 2012

I have been working for you, as a consultant and additionally as one of your employees.Recently, I had a dinner with some of your great, flexible resources. Wine and food were excellent. After some time, all our discussions were very open. During dinner, I was told about the tons of projects that your resources are […] » read more

Tablets are not a Channel

Stefan Wengi | 20. April 2012

In the past 18 months, many companies have been jumping on the tablet bandwagon with its impressive momentum. Without any doubt, the arrival of Apple’s iPad in January 2010 can claim most of the credit regarding this incredible success story. On the consumer side, it brought up new classes of users and drove some people […] » read more