Digital Entrepreneurship – or how you could benefit much more from information technology

Michael Müller | 15. November 2013

About one and a half years ago, on a Sunday night, I was planning my 2 week Vietnam trip. After a serious planning and googling exercise I asked myself: “Why the heck is there no travel agency providing me with a customizable online itinerary that I can easily personalize to my needs and then book […] » read more

I’ll do business with you – if you let me in!

Jörg Ewald | 29. Oktober 2013

After several weeks with at least one of us either working at a customer’s site or away on vacation, having the whole team meet this Monday morning felt a bit special. The usual banter about who had had the greatest or worst weekend was dominated by our colleague Michael, which felt a bit special as […] » read more

How Lean Approaches Improve Your Innovation Success Rate

Stefan Wengi | 4. August 2013

Have you ever tried to book a non-trivial vacation trip with multiple stops, transfers, accommodations, and various activities like a guided city tour, online? Up to now, this proved to be a major hassle with visits to countless booking websites and a tool like a spreadsheet to keep track of all bookings, times, and dates. Nezasa, an […] » read more

Enterprise Architecture: An underrated Strategy Tool

Michael Müller | 23. Mai 2013

What do you associate with the term Enterprise Architecture (EA)? Complex documents and diagrams produced by an architecture ivory tower? Too theoretical to be applicable to the real world? Many pages of rather theoretical framework descriptions?If you reply to these questions with a straight “yes”, or you haven’t yet heard of the term Enterprise Architecture […] » read more

Security software: Don‘t do it yourself

Jörg Ewald | 29. April 2013

During my 20+ years of writing software, I admit to succumbing to my programmer’s code mocking reflex more than once. “I could have done that much more elegantly/simpler/better” is a common thought for a programmer while reading through other programmers’ code. A sentiment that is probably inherent to programming, since software code represents its author’s […] » read more

Benefits of Agile Methods for large Corporations

Stefan Wengi | 28. März 2013

In our daily life as consultants, we have observed quite some momentum within IT departments of large corporations to move towards agile software development methods like Scrum. Very often, this seems to be driven by IT staff who want to break out of the prison imposed by rigid development and project management processes. While this […] » read more

Are you fit for outsourcing?

Michael Müller | 26. Februar 2013

Despite recent controversies, IT outsourcing is still thriving.There can be many reasons why outsourcing makes sense. Increasing workforce flexibility and access to expert skills are prominent factors often mentioned, but cost saving is probably still on top of the list of arguments that lead to outsourcing projects.However, I don’t want to analyze why companies outsource […] » read more

An Alternative to Scrum of Scrums

Stefan Wengi | 25. Januar 2013

In an earlier blog I talked about the importance of the team factor when scaling Scrum into a multi-team project. The method of choice is to build feature teams that are responsible for end-to-end delivery of a set of features requested by the product owner. One of the advantages of this approach is the reduced […] » read more