Agile Leadership Day

Michael Müller | 11. November 2014

Am Agile Leadership Day inspirierte Michael Müller das Publikum mit seinen Erfahrungen im Aufbau von Intra-Enterprise-Startups. Das Programm ist hier zu finden. Bei Interesse am Talk und den Slides, bitte melden. » read more

9 Steps to Reinvent your Online Business

Stefan Wengi | 21. Oktober 2014

Imagine you are an entrepreneur or a manager in a company with substantial current cash flow. During the last months you observed that some of your competitors are vigorously pushing into the online field. Thus, you feel the urge to strengthen your online business in order to secure your future cash flow. You already have […] » read more

Digitalization is Fundamental

Michael Müller | 13. August 2014

„We will become fully digital. We build a new website with cool new interaction features and new products. This website will change the way we do business.” This is a bit exaggerated, but I often hear similar statements from marketing heads and business owners. A new website is similar to a new painting. With a […] » read more

Acrea Website Relaunch

Stefan Wengi | 9. Juli 2014

Over the last years, we have observed a lot of activity in digital transformation initiatives and we have experienced increasing demand coming from this area. Many enterprises are trying to bring their online business to a next level and see information technology as a fundamental element of their future business models. Online business and security […] » read more

The Tower of Babel in Software Engineering

Michael Steiner | 11. Juni 2014

After many years of experience in software engineering, I ask myself what the key factor that accelerates software development projects is. Without any doubt, applying thorough modeling methodologies is my personal answer to this question. When talking about modeling in engineering, people usually have diagramming and drawing tools in mind. Others immediately think of large, […] » read more

The Role of Identities in Data Analytics

Stefan Wengi | 10. April 2014

We have entered the era of Data Analytics a few years ago and since periodicals like the Economist published their first articles about Big Data, this term became commonplace among business people. Big Data is promoting novel approaches to Data Analytics e.g. using as much data as possible and making predictions based on correlation. These […] » read more

Digitalization failure – what next?

Michael Müller | 20. Februar 2014

Nowadays you hear the word “digital” at every corner. New digital products and services are increasingly essential for any company’s market differentiation. » read more

Secure mobile online banking?

Jörg Ewald | 24. Januar 2014

More and more banks offer mobile apps for restricted or even fully-blown online banking to their customers. It’s understandable: many tasks that were formerly performed on PCs are now migrating to tablet computers and smartphones. There is clearly some demand for being able to do typical banking tasks on those devices as well. And interestingly, […] » read more

Entrepreneurial Lean Software Development

Stefan Wengi | 3. Januar 2014

In one of our last blog posts, I talked about the lean startup approach. In brief, the lean principles focus on reducing waste and improving all the time. In the lean startup theory this is subsumed in the approach of going to market with a minimal viable product (MVP) and apply this in further iterations […] » read more