Making Digital Work

Boris Reinhard | 23. Oktober 2015

Technology is changing our life as never before. With Digital Transformation, we are noticeably heading a new age of perpetual disruption. Some see it as the fourth industrial revolution. The vast majority of companies and organizations are unsure how to cope with the challenges of Digital Transformation and how to renew their business models. This […] » read more

Are you ready for a digical world?

Christof Dornbierer | 9. April 2015

Do you sometimes wonder why some established companies provide such little online functionality to complement their existing business? Are existing channels still too good from a revenue and efficiency perspective? In my experience the main reason is that the change needed to achieve comprehensive online services if you are an established “offline business” is far […] » read more

Unternehmensarchitektur als zentrales Tool in Digital-Projekten

Michael Müller | 4. März 2015

Michael Müller und Michael Steiner haben einen 8-Punkte-Leitfaden für die Unternehmensarchitektur verfasst: Gute Reise. Im Artikel zeigen sie auf, wie die Unternehmensarchitektur-Disziplin in Digital-Projekten als Tool erfolgreich eingesetzt werden kann. » read more

Do you manage your cyber risks?

Michael Müller | 3. Februar 2015

The management of the bank was nervous. Hackers had tricked one online banking customer into downloading malware onto his smartphone and stole 20k from the customer’s bank account. This happened despite the strong authentication solution in place. Soon after the attack the management decided to implement a stronger authentication solution. This decision was questioned. There […] » read more