Hackathon at Acrea – Hands-on and with a lot of fun

Manuel Bleichenbacher | 5. Dezember 2018

Acrea has held an internal hackathon with all consultants participating. The aim was to deal with machine learning in a practical way. It started with tutorials conducted with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio. A sense of achievement quickly set in. The visual tool is easy to use and nicely visualizes the data flow. It as […] » read more

Why traditional corporate budgeting breaks agility

Zsolt Czinkan | 31. Oktober 2018

A decade ago, the majority of IT projects were delivered using a traditional waterfall or waterfall-like methodology. The execution of these projects was preceded by a long planning and budgeting phase, typically lasting 6-12 months. Only initiatives with a carefully prepared business case would pass the gate of the budgeting process and would be taken […] » read more

Open Banking is more than API

Acrea | 20. Juni 2018

With the recent implementation of the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) in the EU, the concept of open banking has attracted widespread attention from vested interests and consumers in the European financial industry. Thanks to the capabilities of open APIs in conjunction with the PSD2, third parties including fintech startups are now building their services […] » read more

Digitalisierung stellt die Wirtschaft auf den Kopf

Michael Müller | 14. März 2018

Digitalisierung verändert die Interaktion mit dem Kunden und gibt ihm die Möglichkeit, jederzeit die unterschiedlichsten Geschäfte abzuwickeln. Dabei ist es wichtig, dass der Anbieter und die Kunden verstehen, wie sie die neuen Technologien für sich nutzen können. Michael Müller, Partner bei Acrea, nimmt in der Februarausgabe der Schweizer Personalvorsorge SPV 02/18 Stellung zu diesem Thema. SPV […] » read more