How Personalization Helped the Codecheck Mobile App Grow its User Base

At Codecheck, we* have successfully personalized the mobile app and thereby increased its usage and reach considerably. Here are five ideas how personalization can improve your app and how you can implement it step by step. The Codecheck ap [...] » read more

customer intimacy

Why insurance providers should care much more about customer intimacy

In their book "The discipline of market leaders" (1993) Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema describe th [...] » read more

Making Digital Sanitation Work

Making Digital Sanitation Work

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 644 million lack access to improved sanitation of which 400 million have GSM [...] » read more

Human eye with reflection. Macro shot with shallow depth of fiel

Biometric Authentication: Who controls the Sensor?

The introduction of Apple’s TouchID made fingerprint readers widely available for a large user population. Today, there are countless applications (including mobile banking apps) making use of this biometric authentication mean. In addition, other biometric authentication means are appearing in on [...] » read more


Making Digital Work

Technology is changing our life as never before. With Digital Transformation, we are noticeably heading a new age of perpetual disruption. Some see it as the fourth industrial revolution. The vast majority of companies and organizations are unsure how to cope with the challenges of Digital Transf [...] » read more