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A Failure to Communicate - How the Absence of Common Language Risks Your Digital Future

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How Personalization Helped the Codecheck Mobile App Grow its User Base

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Why insurance providers should care much more about customer intimacy

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Making Digital Sanitation Work

Making Digital Sanitation Work

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 644 million lack access to improved sanitation of which 400 million have GSM coverage – meaning that in the future linking mobile offerings to sanitation solutions is very much a viable idea one might not have thought of. Neither did I until we got a call from a potential cu [...] » read more

Biometric Authentication: Who controls the Sensor?

The introduction of Apple’s TouchID made fingerprint readers widely available for a large user population. Today, there are countless applications (including mobile banking apps) making use of this biometric authentication mean. In addition, other biometric authentication means are appearing in on [...] » read more