Category: Digital Entrepreneurship

Is blockchain the right answer to your project?

Marco Seiz | 27. September 2017

Have you already been confronted with a project proposal that involves blockchain? It’s currently hip to add blockchain to a proposal, it apparently instantly increases the value of any project. So how can you best approach this kind of project? Although blockchain has been in the media for a while now, the understanding of what […] » read more

Mind the gap

A Failure to Communicate – How the Absence of Common Language Risks Your Digital Future

Michael Müller | 28. Juni 2017

Our co-founder and partner Michael Müller was interviewed by Innovation Ecosystem,  a community of like-minded business leaders taking advantage of world-class resources proven to deliver results for individuals, teams and organisations, irrespective of geography, industry or company size. The podcast covers The three most typical ways businesses are being impacted by digitization – through the […] » read more

How Personalization Helped the Codecheck Mobile App Grow its User Base

Manuel Bleichenbacher | 12. September 2016

At Codecheck, we* have successfully personalized the mobile app and thereby increased its usage and reach considerably. Here are five ideas how personalization can improve your app and how you can implement it step by step. The Codecheck app scans a barcode and tells consumers how healthy and environmentally friendly the food or personal care […] » read more

Why insurance providers should care much more about customer intimacy

Michael Müller | 5. Juli 2016

In their book „The discipline of market leaders“ (1993) Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema describe three generic competitive strategies: operational excellence, customer intimacy (1) and product leadership. They proclaim that, in order to be competitive, a company has to excel in one of the three disciplines. While incumbent insurance providers struggle with operational excellence (cost […] » read more

Making Digital Work

Boris Reinhard | 23. Oktober 2015

Technology is changing our life as never before. With Digital Transformation, we are noticeably heading a new age of perpetual disruption. Some see it as the fourth industrial revolution. The vast majority of companies and organizations are unsure how to cope with the challenges of Digital Transformation and how to renew their business models. This […] » read more

Are you ready for a digical world?

Christof Dornbierer | 9. April 2015

Do you sometimes wonder why some established companies provide such little online functionality to complement their existing business? Are existing channels still too good from a revenue and efficiency perspective? In my experience the main reason is that the change needed to achieve comprehensive online services if you are an established “offline business” is far […] » read more

Unternehmensarchitektur als zentrales Tool in Digital-Projekten

Michael Müller | 4. März 2015

Michael Müller und Michael Steiner haben einen 8-Punkte-Leitfaden für die Unternehmensarchitektur verfasst: Gute Reise. Im Artikel zeigen sie auf, wie die Unternehmensarchitektur-Disziplin in Digital-Projekten als Tool erfolgreich eingesetzt werden kann. » read more

9 Steps to Reinvent your Online Business

Stefan Wengi | 21. Oktober 2014

Imagine you are an entrepreneur or a manager in a company with substantial current cash flow. During the last months you observed that some of your competitors are vigorously pushing into the online field. Thus, you feel the urge to strengthen your online business in order to secure your future cash flow. You already have […] » read more

Digitalization is Fundamental

Michael Müller | 13. August 2014

„We will become fully digital. We build a new website with cool new interaction features and new products. This website will change the way we do business.” This is a bit exaggerated, but I often hear similar statements from marketing heads and business owners. A new website is similar to a new painting. With a […] » read more

The Tower of Babel in Software Engineering

Michael Steiner | 11. Juni 2014

After many years of experience in software engineering, I ask myself what the key factor that accelerates software development projects is. Without any doubt, applying thorough modeling methodologies is my personal answer to this question. When talking about modeling in engineering, people usually have diagramming and drawing tools in mind. Others immediately think of large, […] » read more