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Befreit unsere Pensionskassen-Daten!

Zsolt Czinkan & Manuel Bleichenbacher | 6. März 2019

Wissen Sie, wieviel mehr oder weniger Geld Sie nach der Pensionierung zur Verfügung haben werden? Es ist nicht einfach zu berechnen: Sie benötigen Daten der AHV und der Pensionskasse, sie müssen Steuereffekte berücksichtigen, und es braucht Zeit, denn es dauert zwei bis vier Wochen, bis ein Auszug ihres individuellen AHV-Kontos zugestellt wird. Bei der Vorsorge […] » read more

Why traditional corporate budgeting breaks agility

Zsolt Czinkan | 31. Oktober 2018

A decade ago, the majority of IT projects were delivered using a traditional waterfall or waterfall-like methodology. The execution of these projects was preceded by a long planning and budgeting phase, typically lasting 6-12 months. Only initiatives with a carefully prepared business case would pass the gate of the budgeting process and would be taken […] » read more

Open Banking is more than API

Acrea | 20. Juni 2018

With the recent implementation of the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) in the EU, the concept of open banking has attracted widespread attention from vested interests and consumers in the European financial industry. Thanks to the capabilities of open APIs in conjunction with the PSD2, third parties including fintech startups are now building their services […] » read more

Digitalisierung stellt die Wirtschaft auf den Kopf

Michael Müller | 14. März 2018

Digitalisierung verändert die Interaktion mit dem Kunden und gibt ihm die Möglichkeit, jederzeit die unterschiedlichsten Geschäfte abzuwickeln. Dabei ist es wichtig, dass der Anbieter und die Kunden verstehen, wie sie die neuen Technologien für sich nutzen können. Michael Müller, Partner bei Acrea, nimmt in der Februarausgabe der Schweizer Personalvorsorge SPV 02/18 Stellung zu diesem Thema. SPV […] » read more

Is blockchain the right answer to your project?

Marco Seiz | 27. September 2017

Have you already been confronted with a project proposal that involves blockchain? It’s currently hip to add blockchain to a proposal, it apparently instantly increases the value of any project. So how can you best approach this kind of project? Although blockchain has been in the media for a while now, the understanding of what […] » read more

Mind the gap

A Failure to Communicate – How the Absence of Common Language Risks Your Digital Future

Michael Müller | 28. Juni 2017

Our co-founder and partner Michael Müller was interviewed by Innovation Ecosystem,  a community of like-minded business leaders taking advantage of world-class resources proven to deliver results for individuals, teams and organisations, irrespective of geography, industry or company size. The podcast covers The three most typical ways businesses are being impacted by digitization – through the […] » read more

Why insurance providers should care much more about customer intimacy

Michael Müller | 5. Juli 2016

In their book „The discipline of market leaders“ (1993) Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema describe three generic competitive strategies: operational excellence, customer intimacy (1) and product leadership. They proclaim that, in order to be competitive, a company has to excel in one of the three disciplines. While incumbent insurance providers struggle with operational excellence (cost […] » read more

Making Digital Sanitation Work

Making Digital Sanitation Work

Christof Dornbierer | 17. März 2016

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 644 million lack access to improved sanitation of which 400 million have GSM coverage – meaning that in the future linking mobile offerings to sanitation solutions is very much a viable idea one might not have thought of. Neither did I until we got a call from a potential customer last autumn: […] » read more

Biometric Authentication: Who controls the Sensor?

Stefan Wengi | 17. Januar 2016

The introduction of Apple’s TouchID made fingerprint readers widely available for a large user population. Today, there are countless applications (including mobile banking apps) making use of this biometric authentication mean. In addition, other biometric authentication means are appearing in online applications. The USAA (serving millions of US military members and their families with insurance, […] » read more

Making Digital Work

Boris Reinhard | 23. Oktober 2015

Technology is changing our life as never before. With Digital Transformation, we are noticeably heading a new age of perpetual disruption. Some see it as the fourth industrial revolution. The vast majority of companies and organizations are unsure how to cope with the challenges of Digital Transformation and how to renew their business models. This […] » read more