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Is blockchain the right answer to your project?

Marco Seiz | 27. September 2017

Have you already been confronted with a project proposal that involves blockchain? It’s currently hip to add blockchain to a proposal, it apparently instantly increases the value of any project. So how can you best approach this kind of project? Although blockchain has been in the media for a while now, the understanding of what […] » read more

Biometric Authentication: Who controls the Sensor?

Stefan Wengi | 17. Januar 2016

The introduction of Apple’s TouchID made fingerprint readers widely available for a large user population. Today, there are countless applications (including mobile banking apps) making use of this biometric authentication mean. In addition, other biometric authentication means are appearing in online applications. The USAA (serving millions of US military members and their families with insurance, […] » read more

Making Digital Work

Boris Reinhard | 23. Oktober 2015

Technology is changing our life as never before. With Digital Transformation, we are noticeably heading a new age of perpetual disruption. Some see it as the fourth industrial revolution. The vast majority of companies and organizations are unsure how to cope with the challenges of Digital Transformation and how to renew their business models. This […] » read more

Are you ready for a digical world?

Christof Dornbierer | 9. April 2015

Do you sometimes wonder why some established companies provide such little online functionality to complement their existing business? Are existing channels still too good from a revenue and efficiency perspective? In my experience the main reason is that the change needed to achieve comprehensive online services if you are an established “offline business” is far […] » read more

Do you manage your cyber risks?

Michael Müller | 3. Februar 2015

The management of the bank was nervous. Hackers had tricked one online banking customer into downloading malware onto his smartphone and stole 20k from the customer’s bank account. This happened despite the strong authentication solution in place. Soon after the attack the management decided to implement a stronger authentication solution. This decision was questioned. There […] » read more

9 Steps to Reinvent your Online Business

Stefan Wengi | 21. Oktober 2014

Imagine you are an entrepreneur or a manager in a company with substantial current cash flow. During the last months you observed that some of your competitors are vigorously pushing into the online field. Thus, you feel the urge to strengthen your online business in order to secure your future cash flow. You already have […] » read more

The Role of Identities in Data Analytics

Stefan Wengi | 10. April 2014

We have entered the era of Data Analytics a few years ago and since periodicals like the Economist published their first articles about Big Data, this term became commonplace among business people. Big Data is promoting novel approaches to Data Analytics e.g. using as much data as possible and making predictions based on correlation. These […] » read more

Secure mobile online banking?

Jörg Ewald | 24. Januar 2014

More and more banks offer mobile apps for restricted or even fully-blown online banking to their customers. It’s understandable: many tasks that were formerly performed on PCs are now migrating to tablet computers and smartphones. There is clearly some demand for being able to do typical banking tasks on those devices as well. And interestingly, […] » read more

I’ll do business with you – if you let me in!

Jörg Ewald | 29. Oktober 2013

After several weeks with at least one of us either working at a customer’s site or away on vacation, having the whole team meet this Monday morning felt a bit special. The usual banter about who had had the greatest or worst weekend was dominated by our colleague Michael, which felt a bit special as […] » read more

How a cloud saves trees

Michael Müller | 30. Juli 2012

Despite the Internet and its vast amount of websites, sometimes I prefer books over unstructured, unedited and often unverified content. Good books typically undergo several iterations of quality controls and in most cases, they tell a story to guide the reader.In our small company, we read books about various topics like programming, IT architecture, business […] » read more