Making Digital Work

We are your peer to make your digital business ideas become reality

With Digital Transformation, we are spearheading a new age of perpetual disruption. Many companies are uncertain how to cope with the recent challenges, how to renew their business and how to gain new business models. Solving business puzzles via the utilization of the latest information technology available – that is our passion. As digital entrepreneurs, we are inspired by conceptually mature, secure and above all working systems.

Our team consists of software engineers, project leaders, security and architecture specialists as well as entrepreneurs. Our practical experience in the start-up environment helps us to effectively reduce risks; work leanly; be agile and deliver rapid results. Years of experience gained while working in large corporations allow us to maintain an overview over complex project situations. This experience taught us the perseverance to accompany projects to completion. We drive our clients’ digital revolution forward by identifying and developing relevant online business areas. We work out scenarios that will realize the business vision and then collaborate with clients to make it happen.

Let's discuss how we can move your digital revolution forward.

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  1. Acrea is a management consultancy that boasts a unique set of IT skills and business experience garnered in start-up and large corporate environments.
  2. As independent consultants we will only recommend solutions and partners that suit your requirements and complement your vision.
  3. We provide realistic and efficiently realizable solutions for complex problems.
  4. Our clients are enthusiastic about their collaboration with us.
  5. We deliver results, not timesheets.
  6. We are active as digital entrepreneurs ourselves.

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