Over the last years, we have observed a lot of activity in digital transformation initiatives and we have experienced increasing demand coming from this area. Many enterprises are trying to bring their online business to a next level and see information technology as a fundamental element of their future business models.

Online business and security have been core topics on the Acrea agenda since its foundation in 2010. And thus, the increasing demand matches very well with our project history and experience. With the complete relaunch of the Acrea website we reinforce our positioning in the areas of online business and security. And we do so by launching 4 distinct main roles in which we can provide value to our clients:  Innovation Miner, Transmission Master, Security Artist and Factory Optimizer.

When working with us, our clients benefit from our broad range of experience as software engineers, project leaders, security and architecture specialists, and entrepreneurs. Thanks to our backgrounds we are the best fit to drive your digital revolution forward. In doing so, our consultants leverage proven approaches from the startup world and align them with approaches that are common in the enterprise.

According to a recent survey by the meta-consulting firm Cardea, 100% of Acrea's clients  would recommend us to their peers. This makes us both very thankful and eager to keep delivering on our high quality level.

With this in mind, we are looking forward to driving the digital revolution of our existing and future customers.