Our roles in your project

This is how we can support you

Innovation Miner

The Innovation Miner develops a business case for your online business. He collects existing ideas and combines these with his technology and business know-how; identifies opportunities in the market place; develops prototypes; puts forward implementation proposals; and works in close conjunction with you to develop an implementation plan.

The Innovation Miner is inquisitive, versatile and visionary. He has experience in the development of digital business models and taps into his fundamental business experience, all to your benefit.

Transmission Master

The Transmission Master ensures the rapid implementation of the business case for your online business. Ever the pragmatist, he works within your project team where he assumes the responsibility of driving your project to a workable solution as soon as possible.

The Transmission Master is agile and favors ‘lean’ approaches as practiced by successful start-ups. His experience in software engineering, architecture and the management of digital transformation will serve you well.

Security Artist

The Security Artist is introduced into the game when security concerns cloud the prospects of success for your online business, for example when an audit result or a large functional change shatters confidence regarding your system’s security.

He is a master at weighing up potential threats and finding solutions that will allow your system to function within acceptable security risks. The Security Artist is creative, business-oriented, tech-savvy and has an intimate knowledge of all facets of IT security.

Factory Optimizer

The Factory Optimizer is called in when your change or innovation projects threaten to falter. His practical experience translates into in-depth knowledge of common process models utilized in software engineering. He can flexibly shape software projects to any scale.

The Factory Optimizer proceeds methodically in order to analyze and fully understand your current situation; he suggests measures for improvement and accompanies you in their implementation.

Pre-Heat Packages

This is how you’ll get to know us: First results in a few days

Innovation Miner

You’d like to test the viability of an online business idea?

Transmission Master

You’re wondering how to realise your online business case?

Security Artist

You are wondering how to realize your online business idea securely?

Factory Optimizer

You'd like to boost your implementation project?

Choosing Acrea can be made very easy:

By signing up for one of our Pre-Heat Packages you can base your decision on first-hand experience of our efficiency and effectiveness.

For a fixed price we’ll pre-heat your project and come back with useful results in just a few days.  If you like what you see, you can then decide on the next steps and how you would like to work with us in the future. Whatever your decision, we do guarantee that the results of the Pre-Heat-Package will give you inspiring input and facilitate your next steps.

Pre-Heat Package Innovation Miner:

You’d like to test the viability of an online business idea? Let us play with your idea, add some of our ingenuity and experience and deliver an analysis and our recommendations for the next steps within a week.

Pre-Heat Package Transmission Master:

You’re wondering how to realize your online business case? We’ll deliver an architectural design sketch and recommendations for potential implementation partners in two weeks.

Pre-Heat Package Security Artist:

You are wondering how to realize your online business idea securely? Give us a week and we’ll show you how to address your risks without giving up your vision.

Pre-Heat Package Factory Optimizer:

Have your implementation projects ground to a halt, are your transformation projects threatened to falter? Let us cast a microscopic eye over the project, and a week later we’ll be able to suggest concrete, immediate steps that will recharge your development machine.

To find out more about our Pre-Heat Packages, get in touch.

Making Digital Work

We are your peer to make your digital business ideas become reality

With Digital Transformation, we are spearheading a new age of perpetual disruption. Many companies are uncertain how to cope with the recent challenges, how to renew their business and how to gain new business models. Solving business puzzles via the utilization of the latest information technology available – that is our passion. As digital entrepreneurs, we are inspired by conceptually mature, secure and above all working systems.

Our team consists of software engineers, project leaders, security and architecture specialists as well as entrepreneurs. Our practical experience in the start-up environment helps us to effectively reduce risks; work leanly; be agile and deliver rapid results. Years of experience gained while working in large corporations allow us to maintain an overview over complex project situations. This experience taught us the perseverance to accompany projects to completion. We drive our clients’ digital revolution forward by identifying and developing relevant online business areas. We work out scenarios that will realize the business vision and then collaborate with clients to make it happen.

Let's discuss how we can move your digital revolution forward.

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Ignition Talks

Digital Entrepreneurship, live at your premises

We like sharing our enthusiasm for combining business and technology with you, your customers, partners and employees. In our Ignition Talks we examine online business challenges from a digital entrepreneur‘s perspective. Our talks motivate, inspire and encourage new thinking.
Ignition Talks are suitable for public or internal events; they are perfect to mark a project start or as part of a transformation program.

Current topics and themes include:

  • Technical Debt in the Travel Industry (E)
  • Entrepreneurial Software Engineering (E)

We are always building further on the content of our talks and would be delighted to cover any topic relevant to you. We are flexible concerning format and content and will adopt to your specific requirements. Contact us, we look forward to inspiring you with an Ignition Talk.

The Acrea-Toolbox

A multitude of skill sets are required to evolve ideas into a running online business. We combine the capabilities and tools that will best serve your project and the role we will perform within it.


We produce a structured and easily understandable map of the IT landscape that simplifies the dialogue between business and IT. This also enables mapping your online vision in a goal-oriented way to a roadmap driven by business requirements.

Solution Concepts and Designs

We produce the conceptual foundation for a new business idea, along with strict feasibility requirements and chances of success. We detail how the planned online-business would work and what IT Architecture elements are required to realize it.

Product and Supplier Selection

We initiate and follow up on Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP). Our approach is technically and economically sound as well as methodical. This ensures that only the very best product and the most capable supplier will be chosen.

Software Engineering

Our multiple decades of collective experience in software engineering mean that, no matter how complex a project situation, we can identify the approach most likely to succeed. We introduce this approach and accompany the team during the first crucial months.


We put your ideas, business cases, projects, products or teams under a microscopic lens (via workshops, interviews and document reviews) and assess them in order to recommend improvements and concrete next steps to operate at full potential.

Technology Evaluations

We provide you with an overview of the current technologies used to implement specific business ideas and make recommendations on which to base your technology choices.

Project Management

We assume responsibility for the project initiation, or ad interim, in order to make your project machine run optimally (again).


In order to get valuable insight into the operation of the prospective system, it is often useful to create a prototype. We develop this prototype for you and seamlessly transfer lessons learnt into the implementation phase, ensuring no valuable time is lost in realizing the project.

Six reasons why you should speak to us about your digital future

  1. Acrea is a management consultancy that boasts a unique set of IT skills and business experience garnered in start-up and large corporate environments.
  2. As independent consultants we will only recommend solutions and partners that suit your requirements and complement your vision.
  3. We provide realistic and efficiently realizable solutions for complex problems.
  4. Our clients are enthusiastic about their collaboration with us.
  5. We deliver results, not timesheets.
  6. We are active as digital entrepreneurs ourselves.