Wanted: Business case for online business

You’d like to grow the online portion of your business. The question is how do you drive digitalization? What parts of the business are suitable? What would the business case look like?

Raw material collection

Within your company a multitude of relevant ideas exist. We gather these and after evaluation decide which ones make the cut for further development.


The creative side of Innovation Mining commences when the most promising ideas are chosen and the synthesized to form concrete business plans.

  • We combine your ideas into a coherent whole
  • Add popular technology and business principles
  • Evaluate market feasibility
  • Create prototypes
  • Estimate implementation efforts
  • Evaluate the feasibility (based on past experience), and
  • Define implementation plans

Implementation ready

The most promising online business cases are kept on hand and are defined according to lean start-up principles: Formulate hypotheses and verify them as quickly as possible through implementation.

Your IT or external partners implement the project.
We are also able to support you here.

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