Making Digital Work

Making Digital Work

We are your peer to make your digital business ideas become reality

With Digital Transformation, we are spearheading a new age of perpetual disruption. Many companies are uncertain how to cope with the recent challenges, how to renew their business models and how to gain new business models. Together with our clients, we transform established businesses for the digital era and create new digital business.

To tackle this challenge, Acrea has elaborated its ‘Making Digital Work' method. This method is based on real-life examples and the expertise and entrepreneurial experience of our team. It helps both established companies and startups to realise their digital ventures successfully. Acrea advises companies in all steps, from the business concept to the first version of the implementation, normally in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). To this end, we adopt one of our four main roles: Innovation Miner, Transmission Master, Security Artist or Factory Optimizer. Since the evolution of a digital venture is an ongoing and iterative procedure, the MVP is followed by a continuous process of conception and implementation, usually based on an agile project approach.

The figure below gives an overview of the process behind ‘Making Digital Work’. It contains four main steps: Business Concept, Solution Concept, Implementation Preparation and Implementation Sprints.


Together with Acrea and based on our ‘Making Digital Work’ method, large corporations such as global insurance companies, startups such as Nezasa (Innovation Projects) and companies such as Loowatt or insightbee (Client Projects) have made their digital ventures work.

Do you want quick results within a few days? Acrea employs a lean approach (Pre-heat Packages) to kick off Digital Transformation in companies. For a fixed price, we will pre-heat your project and come back with effective results in just a few days.