Client feedback

This is what our customers have to say about collaborating with us

  • Acrea’s technical competence and structured approach ensured our collaboration was a tremendous success.

    - Head Mobile Banking of a large financial services provider

  • Acrea’s technical and social skills enabled its employees to assist us within a short timeframe.

    - Group-CIO of a global travel company

  • Acrea’s pragmatic approach, professional and social competence inspired our confidence in them.

    - CIO of a financial services provider

  • The team boasts a broad base of experience, is thoroughly innovative and consistently delivers.

    - Co-founder of a start up company

  • Despite being faced with adversity and challenges Acrea still delivered on time.

    - Executive board member of a banking software provider

Client projects

Insights into completed projects

Acrea has completed projects for clients in the finance, travel, logistics, health and public administration sectors. Our geographic footprint is spread across Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and India. Our customers range from software development companies, startups, and online service providers all the way to pure business companies without in-house IT.

We engage in all projects as a cohesive team, ensuring continuity and basing all decisions and recommendations on our combined wealth of experience.

Examples of projects we have undertaken for our clients can be viewed here. Further references will gladly be supplied on request.

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Innovation projects

How we stay current with technology


We are particularly proud of these innovation projects.

At Acrea our claim to know and understand technologies and concepts is based on our own practical experience. We take this claim seriously and support it by spending part of our work time developing and implementing our own ideas. We strive for a meaningful combination of learning from our efforts and potential business benefits.

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