Revolution of the Online Travel Industry

From business idea to first booking in 12 months


Flexible individual travels can be booked online directly with the travel organizer at the destination. Nezasa delivers the corresponding B2B - software solution


The founders of Acrea are all keen on travel. Together with another person, they developed the idea to make complex travels simply bookable online. They aimed at the optimal customer experience by a seamless junction between travel agency and online world.

Nezasa was started as an innovation project at Acrea. Nezasa passed through the “Making Digital Work”-process right up to the implementation of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

After the MVP, the project is continued in the form of an independent company. The aims are to ensure funding through third-parties and to provide a new disruptive business model in the travel industry.


The online sales platform for customized individual travel “” was launched ten months after the initial idea. Shortly after, the first bookings followed.

External investors were convinced by the business model and quickly, a first business angel - funding round has been completed.

Two years after the MVP, the platform continues to be developed along lean and agile principles.

In March 2016, the company employs 11 people. Every month, a new B2B-client is acquired.

Doodle for Android

A different take on “Hello World“


To understand the entire mobile app ecosystem through solving a real-world problem. To build up the necessary know-how for giving clients professional and competent advice regarding the use of smartphones and tablets.


Development of an Android app for the well-known Doodle scheduling service. Doodle was chosen because no alternative mobile offerings were available at that time, and a large visibility and correspondingly large number of users was expected. All aspects of app development were undertaken including: user interface design, application design (including the integration of the OAuth protocol), development, publishing operation, user interface optimization, improvements, functionality enhancements and support.


Acrea’s Doodle app was downloaded and installed more than 100'000 times. The experience gained directly flowed into our existing client projects such as mobile-banking, IAM and mobile devices.