Digital Robots versus Shadow IT

In our daily work we often face automation requirements from business stakeholders that need to be implemented in the IT environment. Modern, flexible architectures are helpful doing such things in an efficient way. Such architectures are equipped with well scoped microservices built on an infrastru [...] » read more

Mehr Geld im Alter dank dem Eichhörnchen-Trick

Vielen Schweizerinnen und Schweizern wird die reguläre AHV- und PK-Rente nicht reichen, um nach der [...] » read more

Release our pension fund data!

Do you know how much more or less money you will have at your disposal after reti [...] » read more

Hackathon at Acrea – Hands-on and with a lot of fun

Acrea has held an internal hackathon with all consultants participating. The aim was to deal with machine learning in a practical way. It started with tutorials conducted with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio. A sense of [...] » read more

Why traditional corporate budgeting breaks agility

A decade ago, the majority of IT projects were delivered using a traditional waterfall or waterfall-like methodology. The execution of these projects was preceded by a long planning and budgeting phase, typically lasting 6-12 months. Only initiatives with a carefully prepared business case would pas [...] » read more