Release our pension fund data!

Do you know how much more or less money you will have at your disposal after retirement? It is not easy to calculate: data from OASI (old-age and survivors' insurance, "AHV" in German) and your pension fund is needed, various tax [...] » read more

Hackathon at Acrea – Hands-on and with a lot of fun

Acrea has held an internal hackathon with all consultants participating. The aim was to deal with ma [...] » read more

Why traditional corporate budgeting breaks agility

A decade ago, the majority of IT projects were delivered using a traditional waterfall or waterfall- [...] » read more

Open Banking is more than API

With the recent implementation of the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2) in the EU, the concept of open banking has attracted widespread attention from vested interests and consumers in the European financial industry. Thanks to the capabilities of open APIs in conjunction with the PSD2, third [...] » read more

Digitisation turns economy upside down

Digitisation changes customer interactions  and gives consumers the opportunity to do business at any time. It is crucial that companies understand how to use new technologies for their benefit. Michael Müller, Co-Founder at Acrea, wrote his thoughts on the subject in the February issue of of  [...] » read more